Regional communities working together to restore waterways

As part of Healthy Estuaries WA, farmers across the South West are improving the health of waterways and receiving estuaries by fencing to exclude stock from streams and drains, and by revegetating riparian zones (the areas along the banks of a waterway).

Field days spreading the word about accurate fertiliser application

This June, Healthy Estuaries WA is again providing the popular Accu-Spread demonstration days in partnership with catchment groups and Australia’s leading expert, Russell Nichol. The field days will provide farmers with an opportunity to improve the performance of their spreaders. Most fertiliser spreaders deliver highly variable spread patterns. This means that some … Read More

New photopoint monitoring guide

Photopoints are fixed positions in the environment where consistent photos of a particular area of interest can be collected over time. Photopoint monitoring is used to assess changes in condition visually, particularly for evaluating environmental responses to on‑ground management actions or documenting impacts due to natural events or human activities … Read More

End of an era marks exciting new beginnings for Healthy Estuaries WA

More than 100 people joined to celebrate the successful delivery of the Regional Estuaries Initiative at the Regional Estuaries Initiative Conference in Mandurah on Wednesday 11 August. The Regional Estuaries Initiative has been succeeded by the State Government’s Healthy Estuaries WA program, with the conference providing an opportunity to consolidate … Read More

Calculating the impact of best management practices on farms

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) modellers are using OVERSEER, a New Zealand-based software, to examine the impact of different farm management practices on nutrient levels flowing into our waterways. Catchment models calculate the nutrients entering waterways based on an understanding of drainage in the catchment and how different … Read More

From muddy mess to crystal clear

More than 40 people came together in mid-July to plant 5500-plus seedlings on a cattle farm in the Denmark area. Farmer Marino Bocuzzi has been working with Shaun Ossinger, from the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee, since mid-2019 to revitalise a stretch of perennial creek on his property that flows into … Read More

Announcing Healthy Estuaries WA

On Thursday 4 June 2020, Minister Kelly announced the State Government’s $25 million Healthy Estuaries WA program. The Healthy Estuaries WA program builds on the work of the Regional Estuaries Initiative and will drive action in catchments to improve water quality and restore the environmental balance of estuaries. Healthy Estuaries … Read More

Accu-Spread demonstration days are back!

Did you know that the majority of fertiliser spreaders deliver highly variable spread patterns? This compromises production rates and farm profitability as some areas within the paddock receive too much fertiliser and others too little. Understanding the spread pattern of your fertiliser spreader when using different products can result in … Read More

Fertilise your mind to fertilise your farm

Workshops will be held across the South West and South Coast this February to provide farmers with the tools and knowledge to optimise their production through tailored fertiliser management. Interactive sessions will focus on the science behind soil testing, constraints to production including the role of pH in nutrient availability, … Read More

New Healthy Rivers website

A new website developed as part of the Healthy Rivers Program highlights the importance of river health to the ecosystem. The Healthy Rivers Program supports the Regional Estuaries Initiative (REI), assessing the health of rivers throughout the REI catchments. The new website includes detailed data about each assessment site, including … Read More