Estuary – Leschenault

Estuaries are the dynamic environments where rivers and oceans meet. When they are in good health, they:

  • provide valuable habitat to a vast array of plants and animals
  • perform well-balanced ecological processes such as nutrient cycling
  • support intact food webs, and
  • can tolerate external pressures and fluctuations in environmental conditions.

There is a fine balance between environmental pressures and tolerances in resilient estuaries. Finding this balance point is complex and requires an understanding of many interacting processes.

Assessing estuary health involves the integration of various pieces of information, such as rainfall and river flow, marine inflows, water quality, sediment characteristics, habitat types and key species. Consideration is given to the drivers, pressures and responses at play.

Once key processes are well understood, management strategies can be developed. We aim to maintain or improve the health of the estuary for the people, plants and animals that utilise it, to ensure the resource will be sustained into the future.