REI people – Bruce Radys

OHCG’s Bruce Radys.

Introducing Bruce Radys, Project Officer, Oyster Harbour Catchment Group

“Having lived and worked in and around the Oyster Harbour Catchment for over twenty years I have a strong appreciation for its environment and community.

“I particularly love the Kalgan and King Rivers, right from the main channels up to the tiny tributaries. With their intact natural fringing vegetation, they would have to be some of the best preserved river channels in an agricultural catchment in the State”, shared Bruce.

“After finishing a degree in Environmental Management in 1995, I moved to Albany and worked for the Department of Agriculture in the areas of catchment management and revegetation.

“I became well known for my ability to develop a rapport with local farmers and working together to develop projects to tackle environmental and production issues. You can learn a lot from listening to farmers, and understanding their production and management issues is critical to be able to work with them to protect the environment.

“I had a change in 2005 when I purchased my own salvage yard, but I saw this as an extension of an environmental management career. It was an opportunity to get involved in a very practical way in recycling and waste management, reducing landfill and repurposing building materials”, he said.

“When I heard about the Regional Estuaries Initiative (REI), I knew I wanted to get involved because it had elements of both improving production and the environment. It has seen me return to working in the Oyster Harbour Catchment alongside a great group of landholders who are really friendly and have a genuine concern for the environment.

“As well as working in the REI, I sub-contract to a landscaping company and can be seen taking care of the grounds of some of the local schools.

“Apart from that I like to spend as much time as I can with my wife and two daughters (who are home schooled). We divide our spare time as best we can between the beach and our horses”, said Bruce.

Thanks for sharing Bruce! We are delighted that you bring your extensive experience to the Regional Estuaries Initiative.