Sharing innovative techniques at Hydropolis 2017

Jennifer Stritzke, Regional Estuaries Initiative Coordinator presenting at Hydropolis 2017

Stormwater infrastructure managers came together at the Hydropolis Conference 2017 to share ideas on how infrastructure can be managed from a catchment perspective.

Presenting at the conference, Jennifer Stritzke, Regional Estuaries Initiative (REI) Coordinator at the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, introduced the attendees to how the REI hopes to restore the environmental balance of estuaries through action in catchments.

In particular, Jennifer shared the innovative work being carried out to develop and trial new technologies to reduce nutrients entering waterways from urban and rural land uses.

“Techniques to treat soluble phosphorus in waters entering and flowing in agricultural drains are currently being trialled in the Peel Harvey catchment with promising results, Ms Stritzke said.

“The Regional Estuaries Initiative will explore a series of in-drain treatment designs for incorporating soil amendments to achieve the best phosphorus retention”.

“These trials will be coupled with monitoring to evaluate the benefits, management requirements and risks of treatments”, she said.

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