Stream restoration gets moving

Weihl family (l-r: Martin, Phillip, Alex and Tammy) on their farm on the banks of the Kalgan River in Woogenellup have been fencing and revegetating on their property for many years now. This year, as part of the REI stream restoration program, an additional 3.6 kilometres of fencing has been installed.

As part of the Regional Estuaries Initiative stream restoration program, a number of fencing and revegetation sites in the lower Oyster Harbour catchment are progressing well.

Oyster Harbour Catchment Group (OHCG) project officer, Bruce Radys said the sites are in all stages of completion, from planning and mapping, pegging, delivery of materials to construction and completed projects.

“There are fencing sites in the Kalgan, King, Napier, Takenup and Gaelegup creek sub catchments, from major river channels to small creek lines and gullies”, he said.

“These catchments were identified as priority for fencing in foreshore surveys as early as 1997.

“The OHCG even placed two bulk fencing orders to cope with the large amount of fencing materials required .

“We currently have approximately 20 kilometres either completed or under construction with a further 15 kilometres allocated across a number of identified sites.

“Well done to Ron Russell who completed his 6.4 kilometres before Christmas!”, said Bruce.

While the stream restoration program provides funding to landowners for materials, landowners contribute at least 50 per cent of the cost either in cash or in-kind contributions through installation of the fencing or completion of the revegetation.

To get involved, or for more information on the stream restoration program visit the REI website here.