Field days spreading the word about accurate fertiliser application

This June, Healthy Estuaries WA is again providing the popular Accu-Spread demonstration days in partnership with catchment groups and Australia’s leading expert, Russell Nichol. The field days will provide farmers with an opportunity to improve the performance of their spreaders. Most fertiliser spreaders deliver highly variable spread patterns. This means that some … Read More

Dairy cares in Leschenault

Dairy farmers in the Leschenault catchment are striving for best practice effluent management by investing in effluent systems, which are keeping nutrients on farm and out of waterways. Nine dairy farms in the catchment have joined 12 other farms in the South West to take advantage of funding incentives through … Read More

Skilling up in Manjimup

Catchment officers and government staff met in Manjimup on Wednesday 18 August to take the next step forward in the Healthy Estuaries WA fertiliser management program. This year will see an increase in the number of people able to digitise farm maps, with our catchment officers learning from staff at … Read More

Overwhelming response to this year’s fertiliser management program

More than 190 farmers applied to have their soil tested in the latest round of the Healthy Estuaries WA’s fertiliser management program.   The 2020/21 program, which closed on Friday 9 July, was the first time farmers were offered two methods of soil sampling: do-it-yourself or sampled for you. Prior … Read More

Clear standards for dairy effluent

The Western Australian dairy industry has shown its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of dairy farm effluent with its release of a revised Code of Practice for Dairy Farm Effluent WA.  First developed in 2012 by Western Dairy and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), the Code … Read More

Fertiliser trials protecting waterways and farmers

Increased confidence in the use of recommended fertiliser application rates across a range of agricultural areas is one of the early benefits to emerge from the State Government’s uPtake program (the program). Results from last year’s trials were consistent with data from the national Better Fertiliser Decisions for Pastures project … Read More

Accu-Spread demonstration days are back!

Did you know that the majority of fertiliser spreaders deliver highly variable spread patterns? This compromises production rates and farm profitability as some areas within the paddock receive too much fertiliser and others too little. Understanding the spread pattern of your fertiliser spreader when using different products can result in … Read More

Fertilise your mind to fertilise your farm

Workshops will be held across the South West and South Coast this February to provide farmers with the tools and knowledge to optimise their production through tailored fertiliser management. Interactive sessions will focus on the science behind soil testing, constraints to production including the role of pH in nutrient availability, … Read More

Fertiliser in focus on the south coast

Best practice fertiliser use was top of the agenda at a recent agronomist workshop in Albany on Western Australia’s south coast. The successful workshop focused on providing attendees with the best available fertiliser advice, enabling them to then feed this information back to farmers in an effort to help them … Read More

uPtake field days across the south west

More than 140 farmers, industry representatives and researchers gathered together across the greater south west in recent months to experience the results of phosphorus fertiliser trials. The field days (which ran from the Peel Harvey Catchment in the north, to Oyster Harbour Catchment in the south) form part of the … Read More