Soil testing workshop – Torbay and Wilson Inlet catchment

A half day workshop and sundowner event Participants of the Healthy Estuaries WA and Soil Wise Soil Testing Program are invited to join fellow farmers, agronomists, DWER, DPIRD and catchment officers for a workshop and sundowner. You will receive your soil test results, learn how to interpret them, and how to use them to guide … Read More

Farmers across south-west WA are soil test ready

We have had a record turnout at the DIY (do-it-yourself) soil sampling workshops held in eight catchments across south-west Western Australia (WA) this November. A total of nine training sessions brought together 190 landholders to learn how to gather soil samples from their own paddocks. This year, for the first … Read More

Accu-Spread – Torbay Catchment, South Coast

Join an Accu-Spread demonstration day to discover how to test and calibrate fertiliser spreading equipment. Accu-Spread demonstration days are supported by Australian Fertiliser Services Association and Fertilizer Australia. They are delivered in partnership with local catchment groups. Contact Jemma Peters for more information and to register: Torbay Catchment Group

Great science in the Great Southern

The Healthy Estuaries WA team have been connecting with Great Southern high school students to share the exciting science that happens in and around their local estuaries. More than 400 high school students attended Scitech’s STEM Regional Festival in last month where the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation revealed … Read More