Cockburn Sound

The data shown in the plots were obtained from four fixed buoys in the Cockburn Sound. Each buoy has an instrument (EXO2, YSI) with sensors for temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), and photosynthetic active radiation (PAR). The instrument is attached to a winch, which does hourly vertical profiles collecting data at each metre. Each vertical profile takes about 20 minutes. For data visualisation and to remove outliers, a Loess model was fitted to each vertical profile.

Loess model is a nonparametric technique that fits a smooth curve through each data point in the vertical profile. The data for each parameter is presented as curtain plots (parameter data is colour coded) with time on the horizontal axis and depth on the vertical axis.

North Cockburn Sound 4

South Cockburn Sound 13

Eastern Margin Seagrass

Mangles Bay

South 2 - Cockburn Sound 11

Cockburn Sound - Desalination Plant

North East - Garden Island Seagrass

West Port