How to participate

The Healthy Estuaries WA brings together state and local government, working with regional catchment groups, landholders and industry to implement on-ground actions for healthier estuaries.

It takes a whole community to be part of a long-term solution to protect the values that depend on healthy estuaries: thriving ecosystems, liveable communities, and economic development.

Here are some ways you can participate:


On the farm

Healthy Estuaries WA works with catchment and industry groups and farmers to reduce the nutrient run-off from farms.

Here is how you can get involved on the farm:

In the garden

Our estuaries are showing signs of environmental stress. What you do in your backyard effects our waterways.

Excess fertiliser can run off our gardens and enter our rivers and estuaries through stormwater drains.

Here are some things that you can do at home:

Quick hits:                           

  • Switch to a controlled release fertiliser
  • Use less fertiliser than it says on the packet
  • Use less organics – organic fertilisers can cause nutrient pollution too!
  • Fertilise in autumn and spring
  • Shave a minute or two off your garden irrigation run time

Other actions you can take:


Join a catchment group

The Regional Estuaries Initiative is helping catchment groups to deliver on-ground actions where they are needed but volunteers can be stretched thin.

Your catchment group can connect you to how you can help in your local area.

For a broader regional perspective check out the work being coordinated by:


Community watch

Have you seen something that needs attention quickly?  Report your observations as follows:

Algal watch

If you see an algal bloom report it to:

Fish watch

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development jointly manage the state's Fish Kill Response protocol. We need members of the public to report incidents as quickly as possible so that we can respond. Find out more here.

If you see a fish kill please report it immediately to:

Pest watch

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development needs your help to detect aquatic pests. By using WA PestWatch to report suspected pests, you help detect new pests and monitor the spread of those already here.

Pollution watch

To report pollution to water:

  • Pollution from premises: Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s 24 hour hotline – 1300 784 782 or use the Online reporting form
  • Hazardous materials emissions and major pollution incidents: Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s 24 hour Pollution Watch hotline – 1300 784 782
  • Residential or small to medium business pollution-related matters: Your local council

For other observations that can help us better manage our south west estuaries email us at