In June 2020 Healthy Estuaries WA was launched to continue to build on the work of the Regional Estuaries Initiative. The below information contains information relevant to the Regional Estuaries Initiative and will be reviewed as the program transitions to Healthy Estuaries WA. For enquiries about how the information on this page relates to the new program please contact

uPtake is a partnership project designed to improve nutrient use efficiency on grazing farms in South West Western Australia by improving farmer and industry knowledge, confidence and uptake of the science supporting fertiliser recommendations.

With nearly 70 per cent of nutrients entering regional estuaries from grazing farms the project will improve knowledge of nutrient requirements for productivity to keep fertiliser and profits on farm and reduce loss to waterways and estuaries.

uPtake will:

  • Establish at least 36 fertiliser trials across the South West over a range of soil types with contemporary pasture species to develop phosphorus response curves
  • Trial innovative technology to provide rapid feedback on pasture growth and soil nutrient status including drones, near infrared and X-ray fluorescence
  • Build partnerships and capacity in industry, catchment groups and farmers to work together to optimise productivity and minimise nutrient loss off farm

uPtake is supported by a Technical Reference Group who will develop and oversee the trials.  Members of the Technical Reference Group include research scientists, farmers and representatives from government departments, catchment groups, grazing industry groups and the fertiliser industry.

The project will be delivered over four years (2019-2022) in the Peel-Harvey, Leschenault, Geographe, Hardy Inlet, Wilson Inlet and Oyster Harbour catchments in partnership with catchment groups and industry partners.

The project is jointly funded through the State Government's Regional Estuaries Initiative and the Australian Governments' National Landcare Program with more than $5.5 million funding to improve the health of waterways and estuaries and help increase farm productivity and profitability.