Media releases
A group of about 20 people sit on chairs on the grass outside a house, listening to a presentation. Eucalptus trees and a water tank are visible in the background.

Stream restoration workshops for farmers are underway as part of Healthy Estuaries WA. Led by local catchment groups, the workshops will build the practical skills of farmers and community members to reduce stock access and revegetate ar...

A group of about 20 people pose for a photo on a grassed area in front of a blue building on a sunny day.

It takes the right people in the right place with the right skills to implement Healthy Estuaries WA , and creating job opportunities in regional communities is part of our collaborative model. Since the program started in 2020, it has s...

A man stands in a large pit of gravel in an agricultural landscape.

Hidden deep in the soil of a dairy farmer’s paddock could be a solution to help look after waterways, prevent harmful algal blooms and improve farm productivity. Scott River dairy farmer Brad Boley is working with scientists at the Dep...

Two scientists stand in shallow water on a cloudy day and inspect waterbugs in a net. They are wearing waders and there are reeds in the foreground.

Baby jellyfish, marine worms and glass shrimp were among the critters that delighted Denmark residents when Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) staff demonstrated seagrass and water quality monitoring techniques at a ...

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