Accu-Spread® demonstration days

Did you know that the majority of fertiliser spreaders deliver highly variable spread patterns? This compromises production rates and farm profitability as some areas within the paddock receive too much fertiliser and others too little. Understanding the spread pattern of your fertiliser spreader when using different products can result in higher productivity and healthier waterways.

Understanding how a fertiliser spreader’s distribution pattern can vary when using different fertiliser products can result in higher productivity and healthier waterways.

Join an Accu-Spread demonstration day to discover how to test and calibrate fertiliser spreading equipment.

Accu-Spread demonstration days are supported by Australian Fertiliser Services Association and Fertilizer Australia. They are delivered in partnership with local catchment groups.

There are currently no upcoming Accu-Spread demonstration days scheduled. Please contact your local catchment officer to express your interest in future events.

Peel-Harvey Catchment Council

Megan LeRoy

Ph: 6369 8800

Leschenault Catchment Council

Johnny Prefumo

Ph: 9791 4773


Kim Archer

Ph: 9781 0111

Lower Blackwood LCDC

Jo Wren

Ph: 9758 4021

Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee

Shaun Ossinger

Ph: 0401 291 457

Oyster Harbour Catchment Group

Bruce Radys

Ph: 0428 994 408