Booyiup - Centennial Park Wetland

Monitoring the impact of the wetland

Booyiup (also known as Centennial Park Wetland) was built by the City of Albany in partnership with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s Regional Estuaries Initiative in 2020. 

Water is diverted from Yakamia Creek into two wetland basins where plants and microscopic organisms naturally remove nutrients. As a result, nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus are removed from the creek and are prevented from flowing into Oyster Harbour.  

The department has been carrying out water quality monitoring since August 2020 to measure the impact of the wetland on the health of the waterway.  

Data from this monitoring is available in the interactive dashboard below. 

For example, in 2021 phosphate levels exceeded the guideline level (0.04mg/L) in 64 per cent of the samples before entering the wetland. Phosphate levels were reduced by wetland processes and only 18 per cent of the samples exceeded the guideline level when exiting. Levels greater than the guideline value of 0.04 mg/L are deemed by scientists to have a potential negative effect on an ecosystem. The reduction in the levels therefore results in a substantial improvement in water quality. In summer months, when flows are slower and water remains in the wetland for longer, the wetland often removes all detectable phosphate and nitrate.   

Booiyup was a $1.2 million project, jointly funded by the State Government’s Regional Estuaries Initiative and the City of Albany. 

Before, during and after construction:


For more information about design features, view the City of Albany's informational signage.