Denmark Farmer: “Preserver and Conserver of the Land”

In Chris Vogel’s own words he sees his role as preserver and conserver of the land to optimise and maximise its use and then to leave it in a pristine condition, refined and even improved.

As Dellendale Creamery’s owner, Chris has taken part in various programs over many years to help improve the water quality entering the Wilson Inlet in Denmark.

More recently he joined the Regional Estuaries Initiative (REI) to continue his work fencing and revegetating the banks of the Denmark River flowing through his property.

The Regional Estuaries Initiative’s stream restoration program partners catchment groups with landholders and community to fence priority waterways to exclude stock and plant vegetation along foreshores.

Clearing for agriculture has often removed vegetation from the banks of rivers and streams, and stock have easy entry to streams and drains. This can lead to a decline in nutrient uptake by plants and a build-up of organic matter filling rivers, wetlands and estuaries.

If you would like more information please contact REI Coordinator, Jennifer Stritzke on (08) 6364 6925 or