Capacity building

Restoring and protecting the health of our estuaries is only possible if people with the right skills, knowledge and experience work together. Healthy Estuaries WA is designed to support training and employment opportunities for regional communities; increase community knowledge and engagement surrounding waterway health; and provide the framework for collaborative approaches to catchment and waterway management.

Examples of capacity building events and opportunities provided by the Regional Estuaries Initiative and Healthy Estuaries WA include:

  • Funding catchment officer positions.
  • Supporting catchment officers to attend training workshops in natural resource management, behaviour change and communications.
  • Initiating collaboration between industry, government and farmers through project reference groups.
  • Building community knowledge through annual estuary forums.
  • Providing field days, demonstration days and workshops to local farmers.
  • Providing access to scientific information on waterway health in a community friendly format.