Fertiliser management program

The fertiliser management program supports farmers to make informed fertiliser decisions through access to accredited soil testing, workshops and one-on-one tailored advice from an accredited agronomist.

By applying the right type of fertiliser, at the required rate, at the right time of year, farmers ensure nutrients stay on the farm and out of waterways and estuaries. Participants on average reduce the phosphorus they apply to their paddocks by 21% after completing the program.

The fertiliser management program is delivered in partnership with Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, Leschenault Catchment Council, Lower Blackwood LCDC, Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee, Torbay Catchment Group and Oyster Harbour Catchment Group.

In addition to our formal partners, the fertiliser management program could not run without support from Fertilizer Australia, Western Dairy, agronomists and farmer representatives.

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