uPtake is a partnership project designed to improve nutrient use efficiency on grazing farms in south west Western Australia by improving farmer and industry knowledge, confidence and uptake of evidence-based fertiliser recommendations.

The project leverages funding through the Regional Estuaries Initiative as well as the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

uPtake will run from 2019–22 and will:

  • Establish at least 36 fertiliser trials across the south west over a range of soil types with contemporary pasture species to develop phosphorus response curves.
  • Trial innovative technology to provide rapid feedback on pasture growth and soil nutrient status including drones, near infrared and x-ray fluorescence.
  • Build partnerships and capacity with industry, catchment groups and farmers – helping us work together to optimise productivity and minimise nutrient loss off farms.

In addition to our funding partners listed below, uPtake would not be possible without support from Fertilizer Australia, CSBP, Summit Fertilizers, Landmark, Elders, Meat and Livestock Australia, South Coast Natural Resource Management, Western Dairy and many independent consultants and researchers.

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